Remembering the Chase Event

To tell the story of Cannock Chase through time the project will hold a commemorative event in June 1917.  
From the stone age to the birth of modern war 

Particular focus will rest upon the Great War camps as a link to the role of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, the battle of Messines and its connection to Cannock Chase.

The Event June 24th and 25th 2017

Wenches in the trenches will display a World War 1 field hospital and medical instruments.

“Remembering the Chase” will be a large-scale commemorative event with costumed interpreters to portray events and people from the past. It will feature hands-on living history displays of over 2000 years of history from the stone age settlers to the medieval huntsmen, to the training at the Great War camps and the story of the battle of Messines. The role of the New Zealand troops and their victory will be told, along with the war in the air, the coming of the tank and the treatment of wounded and injured servicemen back home. The project will also be showcased alongside other organisations and community groups.

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