Windows on the Past

Augmented Reality

The Aim of the project is to:

To create a mobile-based application to be available on a range of Smart Phone devices which will tell stories through a blend of text, visuals and audio of the Cannock Chase AONB centred upon the development of the Chase landscape and its role during the Great War.

Objectives would include:

Develop a story to showcase aspects of the military history of the Chase (e.g. the story of a fictitious soldier as he visits different parts of the Great War camps).  

To draw in the surviving (and visible) archaeology of Cannock Chases Great War heritage into the story.

These stories will link into one or more existing walk routes on Cannock Chase.  Where this is not possible, new routes will be devised and agreed in advance with Natural England and the AONB.

To tell the story of the development of Cannock Chase’s landscape between 1600 and 1970 in a series of images which use current views coupled with historic images.  This will be supported by text and documentary evidence to showcase the historic management of the Chase.

Work with the project Landscape Research Group to develop a series of augmented reality views (approximately 20 images) to correspond with aspects of the ‘story’.  These views would use current and historic photographs and postcards to show the landscape as it was and as it is now.

To create a stable and fully accessible mobile app this can be easily maintained by staff and expanded at a later date.

The two stories will inevitably link together and it is intended that the AONB’s ecological habitats will be introduced into the developing narratives where possible.

Launching the App 

The project also aims to launch this ap as part of its centenary commemoration event in June 1917
It will be led by a specialist consultant who will choose the images, prepare and develop the Windows on the Past ap.

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