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The Chase Through Time Project is a partnership between Staffordshire County Council, Historic England, and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It is a historic landscape survey and research project to unravel over 2000 years of man’s activity across Cannock Chase.

The project area covers the whole of the Cannock Chase, some 26 square miles of rural landscape designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a rich landscape, of biodiversity and historic character.

The AONB has many other designations and parts are protected as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Site of Special Scientific interest (SSSI), Conservation Areas, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parkland and Listed Buildings

Little is known of the early history of the Chase, and therefore we are yet to fully understand the changes that have taken place across the generations.

Learning about how our ancestors managed and worked their environment may provide valuable clues to future management and conservation, for example ,when and where animals grazed upon it?

The project starts in late 2016 and continues to the summer of 2018.

We aim to use these Blogs to keep volunteers and partners up to date on our work and highlight new discoveries and ideas as we progress.

Here you will also find announcements of workshops, training days and project events.

Volunteers are also encouraged to add posts of their own to this blog, please share your insights and discoveries with us all!

Finally, thank you for your interest,

Gary Ball
Project Coordinator

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